Thanksgiving Lesson

Thanksgiving Lesson If you enjoyed our Halloween lesson, this is another great way to bring a seasonal theme into the classroom! Designed for students in grades 3-12, this lesson guides students through devising their own Thanksgiving-related story while working on collaboration, imitation and planning and practicing skills. You can also integrate Language Arts learning through … Read more

Perhaps Today Poem

Perhaps Today Poem Pirates or pilots? Pancakes or plunder? This adventurous poem tells the story of a restless and imaginative child deciding how to spend a completely free day. This piece is a perfect way for students in grades 2-6 to practice imitation, setting, body objects, and playwriting skills. You may also choose to integrate … Read more

One Person Monologue Lesson

One Person Monologue Lesson Give students the opportunity to write, act and direct, all in one lesson! Ideal for sixth through eighth graders with prior drama experience, this lesson guides students through creating, directing, and performing an original monologue in groups of three. Students can hone their collaboration skills, drama tools and practice giving constructive … Read more

Plot Boosters

Plot Boosters Use this list of plot boosters to develop original stories for your drama work! These ideas can support the plot by moving the story along, giving the reader/viewer new information, showing character changes, foreshadowing, providing irony, creating cause and effect, and supporting the message and/or theme of the story. 

Crossing the Road Activity

Crossing the Road Activity In this fun drama activity, students are put in pairs to improvise scenes about crossing a road. Participants will love to watch peers express their creativity and make bold choices! You will need chairs or other furniture to create a “road” in your classroom. This activity pairs well with lessons on … Read more

Scarf Tale Lesson

Scarf Tale Lesson: Story Elements  Objective: students adapt and or revise story details. Students combine the primary tools (body, mind, voice) and a secondary tool (a prop) to create a drama. Students have fun with a scarf, passing it and transforming it. They participate in a story about a crying baby and then, in teams, adapt … Read more

Adaptation of Living Things Lesson

Adaptation of Living Things Lesson  Objective: students adapt and/or revise story details. Animal characters make up the focus for “Greysum Opossum’s Way” (included). Students adapt the story by putting in their own ideas as they work in a team (part of the third grade objectives). This lesson integrates well with teaching adaptation or habitats in science. … Read more

One Word Story – Advanced

One Word Story – Advanced activity  This activity builds on the beginner activity of One Word Story.  It has participants in partners and works with the skills of Listening, Story Elements and Speaking.