Rooster’s Off to Save the World Lesson

Rooster’s Off to Save the World Lesson At first glance, math and drama skills may seem like an unlikely pairing. However, in this playful lesson for grades K-2, students can practice addition and subtraction while honing their movement and animal transformation skills. Based on the beloved book by Eric Carle, this integrated lesson helps students … Read more

Math Stories Activity

Math Stories Activity Your participants work in small groups for this activity.  They practice creating stories and improvising an imaginary character that must answer questions using mathematics.  This activity connects math to creating a believable character.  We have provided some story cards in this download as an example – use these or create your own … Read more

Math Improvisations Activity

Math Improvisation Activity Your participants work together for this group-based activity.  These teams create story improvisations based on mathematical statements.  We provide some ideas for these mathematical stories.  Use this activity to practice problem solving and imagination.  Groups can also be encouraged to connect to prior statements in an improvisation way.

Falling Down II Activity

Falling Down II Activity This activity is designed for the older participants (3rd to adult).  We have written an activity called Falling Down I for younger participants.  Participants move through space with different speeds, directions, and levels, and they also fall down [gently!] from time to time. The focus is on following directions.

Pirate’s Treasure Lesson

Pirate’s Treasure Lesson: Practicing Basic Skills  Objective: students demonstrate listening, concentration, movement, and imagination. Students try their best to steal treasure from a pirate. Shoes, erasers, pencils, or other objects become the treasure that the pirate must protect. Concentration is the key to solving the best way to get to the treasure, snatch it, and sneak … Read more


Bop activity This activity requires  basic math and counting (only could be an issue with younger students).  It is a good mental warm-up and improves the concentration of the group.


Equidistant Activity activity  Equidistance is fun in any size space.  All participants are active at the same time.  No materials are needed.  The focus is on sharing space with a large number of people.  It works with the skills of Body, Space, Problem Solving, Observation, Collaboration, and Cooperation.