How the World Was Formed on Turtle’s Back

How the World Was Formed on Turtle’s Back Lesson “How the Earth Was Formed on Turtle’s Back,” is an Onondaga creation story that features a team of vibrant animal characters, who work together to save a young woman’s life and create the world as we know it. This lesson provides numerous opportunities for students to … Read more

The Elves & the Shoemaker Lesson

The Elves & the Shoemaker Lesson Objective: students demonstrate concentration, listening, and imitation skills. Building on the previous lessons in the Kindergarten series, students begin working with listening and imitation skills (part of the kindergarten objectives).  We adapted this lesson from the Grimm’s fairytale and you can use your own version or we included one … Read more

Piasa Bird Lesson (Part 2)

Piasa Bird Lesson (Part 2): Adding Narration Objective: students will explore using narration to enhance a drama. This builds on Part 1 of the Piasa Bird Lesson as students add narration to their interpretations for the bird. Students will use different narration styles (see our guide for more details) in groups of up to four participants as … Read more

Piasa Bird Lesson (Part 1)

piasa bird lesson

Piasa Bird Lesson (Part 1): Exploring Visual Elements Objective: students will explore how to use visual elements to enhance a drama. Students will explore adding visual elements to a drama through the Native American legend of the Piasa bird. They will identify the visual elements of shape, line, form, and texture in a work of art … Read more

The Legend of Big Skunk

The Legend of Big Skunk story  This Native American folktale can be adapted to many subjects.  This story can be enacted as a two character partner story or used as an alternate story with the Hare & Tortoise Lesson.

John “Appleseed” Chapman

John “Appleseed” Chapman story  This familiar story is customized to integrate teaching tall tales.  This story can also be used with the Body Objects Lesson.