One Person Monologue Lesson

One Person Monologue Lesson Give students the opportunity to write, act and direct, all in one lesson! Ideal for sixth through eighth graders with prior drama experience, this lesson guides students through creating, directing, and performing an original monologue in groups of three. Students can hone their collaboration skills, drama tools and practice giving constructive … Read more

Plot Boosters

Plot Boosters Use this list of plot boosters to develop original stories for your drama work! These ideas can support the plot by moving the story along, giving the reader/viewer new information, showing character changes, foreshadowing, providing irony, creating cause and effect, and supporting the message and/or theme of the story. 

Liars Club Lesson

Liars Club Lesson How do actors bring truth to every performance they do, even if it’s outside their own experience? In this lesson, students in grades 6-8 will have the chance to practice telling each other true stories that happened in their lives, and then telling each other’s stories to the class as if they … Read more

I Was Courageous Lesson

I Was Courageous Lesson Our “I Was Courageous” lesson is the perfect way to celebrate different kinds of courage among your students, whether it be personal, physical, emotional, or intellectual courage. In this lesson, students can practice collaboration, planning, and using physicality to create a character as they act out their classmates’ true stories of … Read more

Adding Details and Emotional Color to Writing Lesson

Adding Details and Emotional Color to Writing Lesson Adding Details and Emotional Color to Writing Rubric Beginning writers often leave out details that add color, emotion, and sensory elements to stories, poems, and nonfiction text. Likewise, beginning actors often create characters with little detail of gesture, facial expression, and movement. This integrated lesson is geared … Read more

Object Box Activity

Object Box Activity If your students enjoy charades, they will love this fun and challenging exercise. Using their five senses, participants enact the qualities of everyday objects. This activity requires one small item for each participant and one large box for the class. 

Why the Earth is Green

Why the Earth is Green story  This story was written for students studying drama and the solar system.  In science, this can be used when the students are learning the characteristics of the planets.

Little Wolf’s Ginger Root

Little Wolf’s Ginger Root story  This Native American story about bravery and choices is connected to other academic areas as well as social/emotional learning.

Trip Across America

Trip Across America story  This story can be used in a year-long plan in many steps.  It can be used multiple times with different regions of the US and  helps reinforce drama skills.  We provide a six-step guide in the PDF to assist you.

The Museum

The Museum story  This story includes characters with names Mickey and Chris for either male or female players allowing more flexibility in assignment of roles.  There are words marked for the objects the group can make in a team of four.