Revolutionary War: The Printing Press

Revolutionary War: The Printing Press Connecting historical events to movement and narrative can be a great way to help students in grades 5-7 memorize dates and facts.  In this lesson, students read a story about a parent and child who are on different sides of the American Revolution. While using collaboration, imitation, and character transformation … Read more

Classroom Strategies for Drama: Part 3

Five Approaches to Improvisation

Hello friends of OneStopDRAMAShop, and welcome back! In my last blog article, I introduced five more classroom strategies for drama, each linked to an applied example from our lesson library. This installment continues with six more strategies, each including a practical example. As always, please reach out if you have any questions, and happy teaching! … Read more

Civil War Drama Lesson

Civil War Drama Lesson Drama is a great way to engage students with historical events by encouraging them to think deeply about point of view. In this lesson, designed for grades 4-8, students will practice concentration, collaboration, and transformation while using Body Objects to communicate different settings. This lesson encourages students to think about point … Read more

Little Wolf’s Ginger Root Lesson

Little Wolf’s Ginger Root Lesson: Exploring the Past through Drama Objective: students will learn about exploring the past through drama. This lesson for fourth grade focuses on students’ use of improvisation with dialogue in a drama. Students will model situations from historical events both with and without background information and observe the impact on the … Read more

Early American Life Lesson

Early American Life Lesson

Early American Life Lesson: Creating Action Objective: students use the body to imitate character actions and create objects in a setting; they also identify problems and solutions in a story. Students reenact the lives of early American settlers, a great connection to Social Studies (early American life). This lesson also uses the children’s book The … Read more