Motivation IV Activity

Motivation IV Activity Building on the Motivation I, Motivation II, and Motivation III activities, this exercise encourages participants to expand their improvisation and imagination skills. Given simple actions, participants must demonstrate a variety of motivations. We provide suggestions for effective actions to use in your class. This activity is the fourth in a Motivation series … Read more

Crossing the Road Activity

Crossing the Road Activity In this fun drama activity, students are put in pairs to improvise scenes about crossing a road. Participants will love to watch peers express their creativity and make bold choices! You will need chairs or other furniture to create a “road” in your classroom. This activity pairs well with lessons on … Read more

Motivation III Activity

Motivation III Activity Building on the Motivation I and Motivation II activities, participants now learn how to express motivations with clear physical actions. The lesson includes examples of strong motivations to use in your class. This activity is the third activity in a Motivation series that successively builds skills. No props are needed.

Motivation II Activity

Motivation II Activity Building on the Motivation I activity, participants expand their imagination skills beyond the chair.  Participants work in pairs to decide on motivations for simple physical actions.  We provide ideas for these actions or you can invent your own to match the objectives of the class. This activity is the second activity in a Motivation series that successively … Read more

The Puddle Lesson

The Puddle Lesson

The Puddle Lesson: More Story Elements  Objective: students discuss the elements needed to make a story. Students work with physical shapes as they play a puddle who wants to be round like the sun. The students are asked to identify the character, plot, conflict, setting and message of the story (part of the first grade objectives). … Read more

The Dreamer Lesson

The Dreamer Lesson

The Dreamer Lesson: Body Objects Objective: students use the body and mind to create settings for a story. Students transform their bodies into objects, first alone, then with a partner, and finally with a group creating settings for the story The Dreamer which is the culmination of the lesson.   Students discuss story elements and go … Read more

The Dreamer

The Dreamer story This original story was adapted by Karen Erickson from the The Tales of the Arabian nights.  The adaptation highlights words that can be used to create body objects and is possible for students to work individually or in groups.   It can also be used in the Body Objects Lesson if you are just getting … Read more