Landscape Activity

Landscape Activity Your participants work in concert for this teamwork-based activity.  The entire group creates a “Landscape” that others must guess.  This activity might build off of the Body Objects one.  This activity is a wonderful way to introduce setting in drama and language arts.  It can also be used to introduce and practice the … Read more

Career or Job Imitation Activity

Career / Job Imitation Activity Teams of four imitate activities associated with a career or job. The focus is on physical work [using the body from the drama tools].  One should allow extra time for planning & discussion when working with younger participants (i.e. 1st to 3rd grades).

Prop Box Lesson

Prop Box Lesson Objective:  students will compare actions in a drama to people in real life situations. This lesson takes place over two consecutive days and requires props related to a topic that you choose.  We provide ideas for topics, or you can choose them complementing your other lessons.  With your topic, the students will … Read more

Using Drama in Careers Lesson

Using Drama in Careers Lesson Objective: students identify how drama is used in careers. What a wonderful lesson for career day or as you near the end of the school year. Students reflect on all of the skills and tools they have learned in drama and imagine how they might be used in a future … Read more