Rabbit, Elephant, Whale Lesson


Rabbit, Elephant, Whale Lesson: Observation & Personification Objective: students will learn how actors use the drama tools to create a character. Students have fun personifying animal characters to create a story of their own design. The students then use the actor’s tools (mind, body, voice) to create a drama using observation (part of the fourth … Read more

The Story of Rabbit, Elephant, and Whale

The Story of Rabbit, Elephant, and Whale  In this story, the rabbit outsmarts the elephant and the whale, both of which use their physical size against the rabbit.  Students like to act out the different parts in this story as they learn that sometimes being wise can counter physical size.  This story is also designed … Read more

A Donkey Tale

A Donkey Tale story  This is a two character story.  The focus can be on imitative action, action/reaction, conflict, human and animal characterizations, emotions, or the impact of setting on character actions.  It integrates well with multicultural studies, the teaching of Africa, or habitats.

The Sacred Scarab Root

The Sacred Scarab Root story This original story was written specifically for use in drama focusing on the concepts of Balance, Imagination, Cultural/Multicultural, Narrator/Storytelling, Repetition, Story Elements: Character, Conflict, Plot, Setting, Theme/Idea, and Transformation: Human Characters. It can also be used in the Body Objects Lesson if you are just getting started with drama.  A little background … Read more