Plot Boosters

Plot Boosters Use this list of plot boosters to develop original stories for your drama work! These ideas can support the plot by moving the story along, giving the reader/viewer new information, showing character changes, foreshadowing, providing irony, creating cause and effect, and supporting the message and/or theme of the story. 

Open Scenes Lesson

Open Scenes Lesson Challenge students to read between the lines and play distinctive characters in these open-ended scenes. With dialogue that purposefully leaves details up to the imagination, this lesson can be used with students to work on collaboration, imitation, transformation, and planning and practicing skills. You may also integrate Language Arts by challenging students … Read more

Liars Club Lesson

Liars Club Lesson How do actors bring truth to every performance they do, even if it’s outside their own experience? In this lesson, students in grades 6-8 will have the chance to practice telling each other true stories that happened in their lives, and then telling each other’s stories to the class as if they … Read more

Motivation III Activity

Motivation III Activity Building on the Motivation I and Motivation II activities, participants now learn how to express motivations with clear physical actions. The lesson includes examples of strong motivations to use in your class. This activity is the third activity in a Motivation series that successively builds skills. No props are needed.

Motivation II Activity

Motivation II Activity Building on the Motivation I activity, participants expand their imagination skills beyond the chair.  Participants work in pairs to decide on motivations for simple physical actions.  We provide ideas for these actions or you can invent your own to match the objectives of the class. This activity is the second activity in a Motivation series that successively … Read more

My Room Lesson

My Room Lesson: Creating Setting Objective: students use their imagination to create a setting for drama. Students will have the chance to describe their bedroom, messy or neat, in partners. Remind them about the Ask, Don’t Tell rule from our Introductory Lessons as the negotiation strategy to use when making a decision. Students will use … Read more

B.J.’s Journey Lesson

Body Objects Transformation Lesson

B.J.’s Journey Lesson: Body Objects Transformation Objective: students collaborate with a partner using negotiation strategies and applying concentration, imagination, imitation, and transformation skills. Students transform their bodies into objects and then into settings with a team of other actors for the story B.J.’s Journey. Students work alone, with a partner, and then with a team … Read more

Ghost Who Couldn’t Scare Lesson

Ghost Who Couldn't Scare Lesson

Ghost Who Couldn’t Scare Lesson: Audience Behaviors Objective: students analyze how audiences or viewers make drama better. This story about a ghost who wants to learn to scare people focuses on friendship and the unpleasantness of being a bully.   Students discuss audience behaviors that support live presentations and how respectfully responding to the work of … Read more

Pantomime-Creating a Room in Space

Pantomime: Creating a Room in Space (PDF)  This activity is designed to encourage cooperation and collaboration while working with the imagination.  It requires no additional materials.