Working with Costumes Activity

Working with Costumes Activity In this fun and adaptable activity, participants use costume pieces to create characters and scenes. You will need a box of costumes to spark your students’ imaginations!

Who’s Got My Song? Activity

Who’s Got My Song? Activity When you need to put your students in pairs, try this fun and musical activity! Using voice, concentration, and listening, students will mingle to find their partner.

“Who Am I?” Charades Activity

“Who Am I?” Charades Activity In this advanced charades activity, participants use voice and action to communicate a character and situation. You will need index cards to display the silly scenarios. Some ideas are included in the activity description! 

Walking Activity

Walking Activity Participants, working on concentration and imitation, imagine walking on different substances. This activity is useful for integration with physical education and dance. 

Walking Through Space Activity

Walking Through Space Activity This exercise will engage your students’ bodies and imaginations! As participants walk around the room, they will explore how different body parts and different environments affect their movements. 

Vampire Activity

Vampire Activity This activity is a useful and silly way for participants to learn each other’s names in early sessions. Students will work on concentration and listening while having a lot of fun!

Tug of War Activity

Tug of War Activity This is just like tug of war in real life, but without a rope! Participants will practice action/reaction, concentration, imitation, and collaboration while having a lot of imaginary fun!

Team Juggling Activity

Team Juggling Activity Participants must use concentration, teamwork, and listening to keep a set of balls in the air! You will need at least ten balls, beanbags, or socks. Team Juggling Journal Grade 6  To maximize student achievement, download this drama journal for students to use as reflection or formative assessment. For this activity, we … Read more

Team Chairs Activity

Team Chairs Activity This game is just like musical chairs, but there’s one big difference: No one gets out! Instead, the team must work together to keep everyone in the dwindling number of chairs.  

Tap Tap Activity

Tap Tap Activity In this fun and competitive game, participants try to escape the center of a circle. You will need a roll of paper, and each student will need a chair.