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Paper Bag Charades

Paper Bag Charades Lesson    Improv can be intimidating at first, so it’s important to give students support tools and structure as they’re learning it! In this lesson, cha ...

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“Who Am I?” Charades Activity

"Who Am I?" Charades Activity    In this advanced charades activity, participants use voice and action to communicate a character and situation. Yo ...

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Phrase Charades Activity

Phrase Charades Activity    In this version of charades, participants enact nonsense phrases for teammates to guess. It is a fun way for students to ...

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History Charades Activity

History Charades Activity    This twist on classical charades combines with a social studies component to make education fun!  Participants act out historical moments with no voice. ...

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Drawing Charades Activity

Drawing Charades Activity    Most people are familiar with some sort of charades as a party game.  In this variation, participants draw words for team members to guess.  This is a foundatio ...

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Basic Charades Activity

Basic Charades Activity    Participants physically act out book, movie, and song titles. We provide the traditional charade signals.  Sample titles are provided as well for elementary, middle, and hig ...

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Object Box Activity

Object Box Activity    If your students enjoy charades, they will love this fun and challenging exercise. Using their five senses, participants enact the ...

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