Zip Zap Zop Activity

Zip Zap Zop Activity In this classic drama game, participants send energy around the circle while working on concentration, listening, and teamwork. Challenge your students to see how fast they can get!

Statues Alive Activity

Statues Alive Activity Participants start as statues, but soon they begin to come to life! As the leader guides this transformation, students will practice their concentration and imagination skills. 

Snakes, Spiders, and Snails Activity

Snakes, Spiders, and Snails Activity This fun game combines tag, listening, teamwork, and concentration. Best of all: There are no losers! Everybody plays until the very end.

Simon Says Activity

Simon Says Activity This traditional leader/follower activity focuses on teaching concentration and listening. It works especially well as a warm up before other drama work!  

Rubber Band Activity

Rubber Band Activity This is a great physical warm up for all ages! Participants stretch and release their bodies while learning to work with space and follow directions.

Rag Doll Drop Activity

Rag Doll Drop Activity In this physical warm up, participants use their imaginations to stretch and prepare for drama.

Rabbit, Elephant, Duck, or Horse Activity

Rabbit, Elephant, Duck, or Horse Activity In this fast-paced and competitive warm up game, participants quickly create animals with their bodies. This activity can also be integrated with language arts by using characters or images from a book!