Treasures on the Beach Activity

Treasures on the Beach Activity Participants work with imaginary objects they might find on a beach. This activity makes a great introduction to a seashore story such as Do Not Open by Brinton Turkle. 

Obstacle Course Activity

Obstacle Course Activity This obstacle course is an imagination workout! Participants will plan, practice, and present how to move through an imagined path while avoiding traps and terrors. No materials are required. 

Object Box Activity

Object Box Activity If your students enjoy charades, they will love this fun and challenging exercise. Using their five senses, participants enact the qualities of everyday objects. This activity requires one small item for each participant and one large box for the class. 

Nature Rhythm Walk Activity

Nature Rhythm Walk Activity Are you looking for an activity that gets students moving? In this exercise, participants move around the room based on an object from nature. Integration possibilities include units on biology or literature. Access to natural objects from the outdoors is required.

Magic Carpet Ride Activity

Magic Carpet Ride Activity This activity is designed for the younger participants (Kindergarten to 3rd) for using their imagination and creating setting and space.  Contrary to the name, no carpets are necessary.  This activity has been built into a complete lesson for both the Kindergarten ages and the 1st grade.  This can be done as … Read more

Light and Dark Activity

Light and Dark Activity Your participants work alone in their own personal space for this activity, but they do so concurrently.  They practice using their imagination and body to simulate the environment.  Participants work with movement and their imagination.

Imaginary Closet Activity

Imaginary Closet Activity Your participants work alone developing their “story” for this activity, but they share them with others.  They practice using their imagination and body to tell the story.  Participants enter an imaginary closet and work with imaginary objects and events.

I Remember When Activity

I Remember When I Felt Like This Activity Your participants work in groups for this teamwork-based activity.  These teams create stories based on real, emotional events from participants’ lives.  When using personal stories, remember our tips on setting up a safe drama classroom and managing misbehavior.

Hunter and Hunted Activity

Hunter and Hunted Activity Two blindfolds are needed as one actor must find another using sound only.  We provided specific rules to this activity to practice specific skills.  Listening and concentration are the focal point of this activity.  This will definitely get people moving around which is good for combining with physical activity.

Character Observation Walk

Character Observation Walk This activity is designed for older participants.  Using observation skills, actors study a stranger’s walk and movements and then try to recreate that character in a drama.  This activity can be used to develop a large variety of skills.