The Magic Closet Lesson

The Magic Closet Lesson Imagination and writing with descriptive detail are the focus of this magical adventure.  Students enter a closet owned by someone they create in their imagination, but soon find the closet holds secrets even more astounding.  Students work with a partner to act, describe, and then write about their journey into the … Read more

Creating Mood

Creating Mood Lesson Creating mood effectively is one of the most important lessons young actors can learn. In this lesson, students can practice using their imagination and concentration skills to create mood for a variety of different scenarios. This lesson gives students a chance to hone their ability to imagine their given circumstances, while using … Read more

Three Scenes from a Book

Three Scenes from a Book Lesson Creating a drama is one of the best ways to identify the most essential events in a story! In this lesson for students in grades 3-12, students can practice collaboration, imagination, and identifying story elements as they plan a drama of the three most important scenes from a selected … Read more

Adding Details and Emotional Color to Writing Lesson

Adding Details and Emotional Color to Writing Lesson Adding Details and Emotional Color to Writing Rubric Beginning writers often leave out details that add color, emotion, and sensory elements to stories, poems, and nonfiction text. Likewise, beginning actors often create characters with little detail of gesture, facial expression, and movement. This integrated lesson is geared … Read more

Food Poem

Food Poem Is the narrator a picky eater, or are they being served green mold on a silver platter? This poem tells the hilarious tale of the trials and tribulations of mealtime. Students in grades 1-7 can practice playwriting skills, dialogue, transformation, and/or using the five senses. Language Arts can be integrated by introducing inferred … Read more

Who’s Got My Song? Activity

Who’s Got My Song? Activity When you need to put your students in pairs, try this fun and musical activity! Using voice, concentration, and listening, students will mingle to find their partner.

Walking Activity

Walking Activity Participants, working on concentration and imitation, imagine walking on different substances. This activity is useful for integration with physical education and dance. 

Walking Through Space Activity

Walking Through Space Activity This exercise will engage your students’ bodies and imaginations! As participants walk around the room, they will explore how different body parts and different environments affect their movements. 

Refrigerator Activity

Refrigerator Activity If your students enjoy playing the classic “telephone” game, they will love this physical adaptation. In an exciting team-based relay race, participants practice their pantomime skills. No materials are required.

Reflections Activity

Reflections Activity This is a fun and useful activity that can be integrated with almost any subject! Participants build aesthetic awareness as they transform into people and objects from pieces of art.