Blending Tableau with Social Studies: Three Scenes from History

Blending Tableau with Social Studies: Three Scenes from History Help students deepen their analysis of a historical text by adapting it into scenes! In this lesson, students in grades 3-12 expand their understanding of levels, shapes, and illusion of action by creating tableaux based on a nonfiction or historical fiction text. Integrating both Language Arts … Read more

Working with Props II Activity

Working with Props II Activity Following on Working with Props I, participants will work in small groups to create scenes with props. You will need at least one paper bag and three objects for each group. 

Working with Props I Activity

Working with Props I Activity In pairs, students use a prop to inspire a scene. This activity encourages the essential drama skills of planning and practicing. You will need at least one small object per group of students. 

Working with Costumes Activity

Working with Costumes Activity In this fun and adaptable activity, participants use costume pieces to create characters and scenes. You will need a box of costumes to spark your students’ imaginations!

Statues Speak Activity

Statues Speak Activity In this advanced statue making activity, participants create and revise statues based on a prompt. In addition, statues have the chance to speak! Students will learn how physical and aesthetic choices can communicate ideas.   

Punctuation Walk Activity

Punctuation Walk Activity In this activity, participants connect physical movements to punctuation marks. The exercise requires slips of paper filled with sentences. This activity is designed for integration with language arts. 

Rumors are Flying Activity

Rumors are Flying Activity Designed for advanced students, this is an adaptation of the classic telephone game. Participants will practice their listening, improvisation, and imitation skills as they move around the room and enact a scene.  

Crossing the Road Activity

Crossing the Road Activity In this fun drama activity, students are put in pairs to improvise scenes about crossing a road. Participants will love to watch peers express their creativity and make bold choices! You will need chairs or other furniture to create a “road” in your classroom. This activity pairs well with lessons on … Read more

Math Stories Activity

Math Stories Activity Your participants work in small groups for this activity.  They practice creating stories and improvising an imaginary character that must answer questions using mathematics.  This activity connects math to creating a believable character.  We have provided some story cards in this download as an example – use these or create your own … Read more

Math Improvisations Activity

Math Improvisation Activity Your participants work together for this group-based activity.  These teams create story improvisations based on mathematical statements.  We provide some ideas for these mathematical stories.  Use this activity to practice problem solving and imagination.  Groups can also be encouraged to connect to prior statements in an improvisation way.