Why the Earth is Green

Why the Earth is Green story  This story was written for students studying drama and the solar system.  In science, this can be used when the students are learning the characteristics of the planets.

Baby Tar Rabbit

Baby Tar Rabbit story  This story is for small groups of 3-4 and is adapted from Joel Chandler Harris’s Uncle Remus. Participants can enact both animal characters and body objects.  If you tell the story in a slight dialect, the students might be interested in using that dialect in their drama, but it is not … Read more

The Apple

The Apple story This is a story with an ant and a grasshopper with a focus on how self-esteem, cooperation, and problem solving in this story reflect real life situations.  You can warmup with the actions and movements of the characters.  This story works with the skills of Imagination, Movement, Speaking/ Dialogue, and Transformation: Animals.

One Word Story – Advanced

One Word Story – Advanced activity  This activity builds on the beginner activity of One Word Story.  It has participants in partners and works with the skills of Listening, Story Elements and Speaking.  

The Hare and Tortoise Lesson: Playing Animal Characters

The Hare and Tortoise Lesson: Playing Animal Characters Overview: the students will learn how to play non-human characters. Objectives:  students define and practice collaborative strategies; define the drama tools; define story elements. Fables are a great way to combine all the drama skills into the first story they will play on their own.  The Tortoise … Read more