Thanksgiving Lesson

Thanksgiving Lesson If you enjoyed our Halloween lesson, this is another great way to bring a seasonal theme into the classroom! Designed for students in grades 3-12, this lesson guides students through devising their own Thanksgiving-related story while working on collaboration, imitation and planning and practicing skills. You can also integrate Language Arts learning through … Read more

Poetry Through Vocal Expression

Poetry Through Vocal Expression Lesson How can we use our voices to express meaning and tell stories? This lesson delves into the wonders of poetry, and eases students from individual work to partner work to whole class performance. Designed for grades 3-12, this lesson is a fantastic way to help students practice concentration, collaboration and … Read more

Tales Retold

Tales Retold Story  Is the Wicked Witch really so wicked? What did the Big Bad Wolf do that was so bad? Is Prince Charming’s life not quite as charmed as we thought? Students in grades 3-8 will love this hilarious retelling of classic fairy tales. With plenty of active roles available, this piece is a … Read more

Two Character Dialogue Lesson

Two Character Dialogue Lesson Are your students ready to create their own scenes? Building upon our One Person Monologue Lesson, this lesson guides students through collaborating with their peers to create their own original dialogues. Students can continue to work on playwriting, directing and performance skills, while learning how to give constructive feedback to their … Read more

One Person Monologue Lesson

One Person Monologue Lesson Give students the opportunity to write, act and direct, all in one lesson! Ideal for sixth through eighth graders with prior drama experience, this lesson guides students through creating, directing, and performing an original monologue in groups of three. Students can hone their collaboration skills, drama tools and practice giving constructive … Read more

Reader’s Theater

Reader’s Theater Lesson Whether or not you are new to Reader’s Theater, this lesson will provide you with innovative ways to bring it into your classroom.  Providing a bridge from drama to theatre as well as an excellent opportunity for vocal work, Reader’s Theater is a versatile learning tool and tons of fun for all! … Read more

The Well

The Well story This story is designed to be played by a group of 4, but it can be told with any number of students.  In this story, students learn to identify and imitate emotions such as pride, silliness, anger, fear, frustration, joy, and shock.

Team Machines Lesson

Team Machines Lesson: Collaborating with a Prop  Objective: students combine the primary tools (body, mind, voice) with a support tool (prop) and with the skills of collaboration, concentration, transformation, audience behaviors, to create a drama. Drama and machines have much in common. Students collaborate to complete a task of building an interactive machine using their moving bodies … Read more

The Museum Lesson

The Museum Lesson: Working with Setting  Objective: students combine the primary tools of the actor (body, mind, voice) and a simple support tool (prop, fabric, etc.) to create character and setting. Like the Vision Quest, students enact a story with some members of the team playing characters and some transforming into setting (part of the third grade … Read more

Sydney & Jojo Lesson

Sydney & Jojo Lesson

Sydney & Jojo Lesson: Speaking Text Objective: students speak dialogue, use imitation and observation skills to act out a story from beginning to end. Students enjoy exploring family relationships. Sydney and Jojo are siblings who have trouble getting along. This lesson asks students to engage the voice and employ observation skills to create a drama … Read more