The Chase Lesson

The Chase Lesson Looking for an exciting way to teach students about personal space and self-esteem? This lesson is a great way to help students practice self-control, imitation, and concentration skills, while keeping them active! Progressing from independent movement work to full group collaboration, the Chase provides a thorough yet fun introduction to these topics. 

Hat or No Hat Poem

Hat or No Hat Poem To Hat or Not to Hat? That is the question… This poem deals with the age-old conflict between parents and children over whether to wear a hat in cold weather. Students in grades K-1 can practice imitation skills with this piece, while students in grades 2-4 may work on integrating … Read more

Metamorphosis Poem

Metamorphosis Poem What happens when a mischievous child messes with the wrong witch? This poem tells the cautionary tale of a troublemaker who can’t seem to follow directions, with vivid imagery and a shocking ending! Students in grades 1-5 can practice action/reaction, problem solving, and transformation skills. We have also included some recommended step-by-step delivery … Read more

Hide and Seek Poem

Hide and Seek Poem There’s nothing better than a cup of tea with a spoonful of revenge! This narrator locks their sister in the bathroom after a game of Hide and Seek goes awry. The poem provides a great opportunity for students in grades 3-7 to practice imitation and storytelling skills. We have also included … Read more

The Story of Rabbit, Elephant, and Whale

The Story of Rabbit, Elephant, and Whale  In this story, the rabbit outsmarts the elephant and the whale, both of which use their physical size against the rabbit.  Students like to act out the different parts in this story as they learn that sometimes being wise can counter physical size.  This story is also designed … Read more

The Well

The Well story This story is designed to be played by a group of 4, but it can be told with any number of students.  In this story, students learn to identify and imitate emotions such as pride, silliness, anger, fear, frustration, joy, and shock.

The Legend of Big Skunk

The Legend of Big Skunk story  This Native American folktale can be adapted to many subjects.  This story can be enacted as a two character partner story or used as an alternate story with the Hare & Tortoise Lesson.

John “Appleseed” Chapman

John “Appleseed” Chapman story  This familiar story is customized to integrate teaching tall tales.  This story can also be used with the Body Objects Lesson.

The Mindless Woman

The Mindless Woman story This story is such a delight for students because they enjoy the silly nature of the woman’s actions.  The story was originally created for second graders studying China in social studies.  The students can be put into teams of four and given the direction that everyone needs to be in the story … Read more

The Tortoise and the Hare

The Tortoise and the Hare story This has been adapted from Aesop’s Fable for use in a drama class.  This story works with the concepts and skills for Collaboration, Cultural/Multicultural, Imagination, Imitation, Movement, Personification, Problem Solving, Space Control/Design, and Transformation: Animals. It can also be used in the Hare and Tortoise Lesson  from the introductory lessons if you … Read more