Big, Bigger, Biggest

Big, Bigger, Biggest activity This activity is designed to get participants comfortable with using their bodies in a wide range of expression.  Body is one of the primary tools in drama and proficiency is necessary for advanced work.

The Journey

The Journey activity  In this activity, the kids take a guided journey through different settings.  The settings can be related to some of your current teaching topics.  It may be useful to begin with a locomotor, controlling personal space, warmup activity.

Size, Shape, Weight

Size, Shape, Weight activity  In this activity, participants pass imaginary objects around and use their imagination to build on the idea.


Equidistant Activity activity  Equidistance is fun in any size space.  All participants are active at the same time.  No materials are needed.  The focus is on sharing space with a large number of people.  It works with the skills of Body, Space, Problem Solving, Observation, Collaboration, and Cooperation.

The Hare and Tortoise Lesson: Playing Animal Characters

The Hare and Tortoise Lesson: Playing Animal Characters Overview: the students will learn how to play non-human characters. Objectives:  students define and practice collaborative strategies; define the drama tools; define story elements. Fables are a great way to combine all the drama skills into the first story they will play on their own.  The Tortoise … Read more

Human Jigsaw Sculpture

Human Jigsaw Sculpture (PDF)  This activity is designed to encourage cooperation and problem solving while working with Space.  It requires no additional materials.