Mom Poem

Mom Poem  Crumbs on the chair, mud on the stairs, leaves in your hair… There’s no better way to drive your Mom up the wall! This whimsical poem tells the story of a kid who is grounded for making a huge mess. Filled with fun opportunities for imitation, this poem is the perfect way for … Read more

Maximillian in Trouble Poem 

Maximillian in Trouble Poem  Sometimes the most loveable children get in the most trouble… especially the ones with four legs and a tail! Students in grades 2-5 will have a blast imitating this mischievous dog, who wreaks havoc when his mom leaves him alone in the house. This poem provides a great opportunity for students … Read more

Life Isn’t Fair Poem

Life Isn’t Fair Poem Life isn’t fair – one the hardest lessons to learn for children and grown-ups alike! In this poem, the speaker narrates a series of minor household catastrophes that result in them receiving an unjust timeout. This piece provides a great opportunity for students in grades 2-4 to practice imitation, emotion, and … Read more

Body Objects: Acting The Dreamer Story

Body Objects: Acting The Dreamer Story How do we get students excited about the details and setting in a story? Dive into the vivid world of The Dreamer, adapted from One Thousand and One Nights by Karen L. Erickson. In this lesson, students in grades 4-12 can practice collaboration, cooperation, and transformation skills by using … Read more

Building Vocabulary Through Drama Lesson

Building Vocabulary Through Drama Lesson Building Vocabulary Through Drama Rubric This lesson gets participants of all ages loving words and thinking of them as colorful ways to communicate their ideas. So put those worksheets and spelling tests down for time to have students build a relationship with words in a new way! Participants work in … Read more

Statues Speak Activity

Statues Speak Activity In this advanced statue making activity, participants create and revise statues based on a prompt. In addition, statues have the chance to speak! Students will learn how physical and aesthetic choices can communicate ideas.   

Statue Redesign Activity

Statue Redesign Activity Building on Statue Maker, participants are able to change and alter details of fellow participants’ statues. This activity is also part of a full Statue Redesign lesson that is designed for language arts integration. 

Statue Maker Activity

Statue Maker Activity In partners, participants use imagination and concentration to make and become statues. This activity is also part of a full lesson on Concentration and Partner Work. 

Rubber Band Activity

Rubber Band Activity This is a great physical warm up for all ages! Participants stretch and release their bodies while learning to work with space and follow directions.

Reflections Activity

Reflections Activity This is a fun and useful activity that can be integrated with almost any subject! Participants build aesthetic awareness as they transform into people and objects from pieces of art.