Valentine’s Day Lesson

Valentine’s Day Lesson Help students work on story sequencing and imitation skills in this fun, Valentine’s Day-themed lesson! Suitable for students in grades 3-12, this lesson asks students to connect different activities to create a cohesive narrative, using setting, character, and transitions. You can integrate Language Arts by challenging students to write creative and clear … Read more

Sequencing a Story: The Kid Who Loved Cookies Lesson

Sequencing a Story: The Kid Who Loved Cookies Lesson Here is an easy way to introduce sequencing in both drama and language arts to young students.  In this lesson students color and sequence a series of pictures depicting a series of tasks.   Next, they enact those tasks found in the title story.  After playing the … Read more

Writing Story, Transformation, Imitation: Humpty Dumpty Lesson

Writing Story, Transformation, Imitation: Humpty Dumpty Lesson Building off the classic tale of “Humpty Dumpty,” this lesson allows students in grades K-2 to use their imaginations to put their own spin on the story. Starting out with warm-up activity to help students practice transformation and imitation skills, this lesson culminates in students working together as a … Read more

Baking a Cake Lesson

Baking a Cake Lesson What’s more fun than baking a cake? You can skip the mess and use this lesson instead! By acting out the steps it takes to bake a cake, students can practice creating complex physical settings with one another. Students may practice collaboration, imitation, creating body objects and problem solving. There is … Read more

Halloween Lesson

Halloween Lesson It’s always fun to bring a seasonal theme into the classroom – especially one as playful and imaginative as Halloween! Designed for students in grades 3-12, this lesson guides students through devise their own Halloween themed story while working on collaboration, imitation and planning and practicing skills. You can also integrate Language Arts … Read more

Tales Retold

Tales Retold Story  Is the Wicked Witch really so wicked? What did the Big Bad Wolf do that was so bad? Is Prince Charming’s life not quite as charmed as we thought? Students in grades 3-8 will love this hilarious retelling of classic fairy tales. With plenty of active roles available, this piece is a … Read more

Señor Coyote Acts as a Judge

Señor Coyote Acts as a Judge What better way to teach action-reaction than a story packed with mischievous animal characters, including a clever coyote, a sneaky snake, and a righteous rabbit? In this lesson, students in grades 3-8 can practice collaboration, imitation, transformation, and action-reaction skills. By presenting their dramas, students can get hands-on experience … Read more

Paper Bag Charades

Paper Bag Charades Lesson Improv can be intimidating at first, so it’s important to give students support tools and structure as they’re learning it! In this lesson, challenge students to use three mystery props as they work together to create an exciting group drama. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to practice collaboration, utilizing … Read more

Beaching Advice Poem

Beaching Advice Poem This short but sweet poem provides a great reminder of all the items beachgoers need for a relaxing day! Students in grades 1-4 can practice sequencing, setting, transformation, or body object skills. In addition, students may choose to imagine how each item is used at the beach, practicing their imagination and playwriting … Read more