The Magic Closet Lesson

The Magic Closet Lesson Imagination and writing with descriptive detail are the focus of this magical adventure.  Students enter a closet owned by someone they create in their imagination, but soon find the closet holds secrets even more astounding.  Students work with a partner to act, describe, and then write about their journey into the … Read more

Walking Activity

Walking Activity Participants, working on concentration and imitation, imagine walking on different substances. This activity is useful for integration with physical education and dance. 

Walking Through Space Activity

Walking Through Space Activity This exercise will engage your students’ bodies and imaginations! As participants walk around the room, they will explore how different body parts and different environments affect their movements. 

Treasures on the Beach Activity

Treasures on the Beach Activity Participants work with imaginary objects they might find on a beach. This activity makes a great introduction to a seashore story such as Do Not Open by Brinton Turkle. 

Pantomimes Activity

Pantomimes Activity If your students have mastered imitation, they may be ready to try pantomime! With pantomime, there are no props or sounds; participants must tell a story using only the body. In this activity, pantomime is introduced with various prompts. No materials are required.

Object Box Activity

Object Box Activity If your students enjoy charades, they will love this fun and challenging exercise. Using their five senses, participants enact the qualities of everyday objects. This activity requires one small item for each participant and one large box for the class. 

Intro to the Five Senses Lesson

Intro to the Five Senses Lesson Objective: students demonstrate imagination and experiment with the five senses. Sometimes actors need to convey certain sensory elements (seeing, tasting, hearing, etc).  This lesson gives students practice in using and expressing their five senses while imagining typical experience in everyday life (part of the kindergarten objectives).  No additional materials … Read more

The Fire Lesson

The Fire Lesson  Objective: students demonstrate sensory (touch, taste, smell, sight, sound) recall in a drama.  Students identify similarities among art forms. Students become fire, fight fire, and practice fire prevention all through the safety of drama. This lesson introduces students to sensory (touch, taste, smell, sight, and sound) recall and personification (part of the third … Read more

Sound Story

Sound Story activity This activity works with sounds representing objects from around the room.  The participants then create a story with those sounds.