The Magic Closet Lesson

The Magic Closet Lesson Imagination and writing with descriptive detail are the focus of this magical adventure.  Students enter a closet owned by someone they create in their imagination, but soon find the closet holds secrets even more astounding.  Students work with a partner to act, describe, and then write about their journey into the … Read more

Creating Mood

Creating Mood Lesson Creating mood effectively is one of the most important lessons young actors can learn. In this lesson, students can practice using their imagination and concentration skills to create mood for a variety of different scenarios. This lesson gives students a chance to hone their ability to imagine their given circumstances, while using … Read more

Do Not Open Poem

Do Not Open Poem Is there anything more tempting than a “Do Not Open” label? This poem tells the story of a mysterious package that arrives on the narrator’s doorstep. Is it a dog, a cat, a book, or a hook? There’s only one way to find out… The poem provides a great way for … Read more

The Dragon Hunt Lesson

The Dragon Hunt Lesson Objective: students add concentration to their use of imagination with the five senses. What child doesn’t dream of searching for dragons?  Building on the previous Magic Carpet lesson, you will guide the children in their hunt as they use their imagination and the five senses in their search (part of the … Read more

Intro to the Five Senses Lesson

Intro to the Five Senses Lesson Objective: students demonstrate imagination and experiment with the five senses. Sometimes actors need to convey certain sensory elements (seeing, tasting, hearing, etc).  This lesson gives students practice in using and expressing their five senses while imagining typical experience in everyday life (part of the kindergarten objectives).  No additional materials … Read more

The Fire Lesson

The Fire Lesson  Objective: students demonstrate sensory (touch, taste, smell, sight, sound) recall in a drama.  Students identify similarities among art forms. Students become fire, fight fire, and practice fire prevention all through the safety of drama. This lesson introduces students to sensory (touch, taste, smell, sight, and sound) recall and personification (part of the third … Read more

Zookeeper Solves a Problem Lesson

Zookeeper Solves a Problem Lesson

Zookeeper Solves a Problem Lesson: Using Voice Objective: students use vocal and non-vocal sounds to create a drama. Students revel in making sounds with their voice, body, and other objects. This lesson gives them the opportunity to experiment with sound and the five senses to create a drama (part of the second grade objectives). Beginning with … Read more

Introducing the Five Senses Lesson

Introducing the Five Senses Lesson Overview: the students will learn why actors need to know and use all 5 senses. Objectives:  students name the four fine arts; demonstrate the five senses; evaluate self  and praise others. The five senses are key to acting, visualizing literature, and understanding the world.  Often they are only addressed in … Read more