Band-Aids Poem

Band-Aids Poem  What if every band-aid were a badge of honor? This heartfelt poem for grades 3-6 tells the story of an accident-prone child who comes to view boo-boos as stories of bravery. Students can practice action/reaction, body objects, problem solving, and/or narrator skills. We have also included some recommended step-by-step delivery ideas to help … Read more

Walking Activity

Walking Activity Participants, working on concentration and imitation, imagine walking on different substances. This activity is useful for integration with physical education and dance. 

Walking Through Space Activity

Walking Through Space Activity This exercise will engage your students’ bodies and imaginations! As participants walk around the room, they will explore how different body parts and different environments affect their movements. 

Sound Catch: Advanced #2 Activity

Sound Catch: Advanced #2 Activity Building on Sound Catch and Sound Catch: Advanced #1, participants add gestures and facial expressions to their sounds as they continue to deepen their characterizations.

Sound Catch: Advanced #1 Activity

Sound Catch: Advanced #1 Activity Building on Sound Catch, participants transform sounds into conversation as they role play characters. They will explore how voice can reveal emotion and subtext.   Then you can move on to Sound Catch Advanced activity #2.

Snowmen Activity

Snowmen Activity Participants begin as snowmen standing in a field. Then, using concentration and physical control, they begin to melt!

Simon Says Activity

Simon Says Activity This traditional leader/follower activity focuses on teaching concentration and listening. It works especially well as a warm up before other drama work!  

Reflections Activity

Reflections Activity This is a fun and useful activity that can be integrated with almost any subject! Participants build aesthetic awareness as they transform into people and objects from pieces of art. 

The Kite Activity

The Kite Activity Partners use observation and teamwork to imitate the flying of a kite. This activity works well as an introduction to The Dragon Kite story. 

Sound Catch Activity

Sound Catch Activity Working on the voice, participants toss sounds to each other and around a circle. You may wish to follow this exercise with the Vocal Environment activity.  Sound Catch Journal Grade 6  To maximize student achievement, download this drama journal for students to use as reflection or formative assessment. For this activity, we … Read more