Cubby Finds a Home

Cubby Finds a Home story This is an interactive story with the children creating the sounds or actions of the bold words.  Before you use this story, you should do a warm-up activity with sounds and sound effects.  It works with the skills for Concentration, Imagination, Repetition, The 5 Senses, Sounds: Vocal & Nonvocal, and Story … Read more

The Ghost Who Couldn’t Scare

The Ghost Who Couldn’t Scare story This story was inspired by an old railroad car and tracks I saw for years sitting on the prairie as I drove to visit my parents in Western Illinois.  Weeds grew up around that railroad car and I’m sure people had forgotten all about it.  This is the story … Read more

The Stubborn Clay

The Stubborn Clay story This story contains statue maker elements.  It can be used as an additional story with the Concentration and Partner Work Lesson found in the Introductory Lessons. It works with the concepts & skills for Collaboration, Cooperation, Imagination, Movement, and Repetition.

The Queen Bee’s Dilemma

The Queen Bee’s Dilemma story This story works with the Concepts/Skills of Imagination, Listening, Observation, Repetition, The Five Senses, Sounds: Vocal & Nonvocal. It is also incorporated into the Introductory Lesson as a guide to those just Getting Started called Introducing the Five Senses Lesson.

The Sacred Scarab Root

The Sacred Scarab Root story This original story was written specifically for use in drama focusing on the concepts of Balance, Imagination, Cultural/Multicultural, Narrator/Storytelling, Repetition, Story Elements: Character, Conflict, Plot, Setting, Theme/Idea, and Transformation: Human Characters. It can also be used in the Body Objects Lesson if you are just getting started with drama.  A little background … Read more

B.J.’s Journey – a Drama story

bjs journey story

B.J.’s Journey – a FREE Drama story Overview: this story was written for body objects work: using the body as a prop. Karen Erickson wrote this drama story for practice with group Collaboration, Teamwork, and Storytelling.  They will practice their drama skills by creating setting and props using their physical bodies.  As an alternate, this story can be integrated with … Read more

The Turtle Who Lived By The Pond

The Turtle Who Lived By The Pond story This story was written at the request of first and second grade teachers who were teaching a unit on Living Things.  Following the story, students can compare and contrast the basic needs of living things: protective behaviors, coverings, touch, shelter, air, food, light and water. This works … Read more


Randolph story You can integrate this story with animal homes, animal habitats, and the winter season.  It can also be used in groups of four to act out the story.  More details can be found within the PDF. This works with the skills of Collaboration, Imagination, Repetition, and Story Elements: Setting.


Scareman story  This story is used for younger children to work on problem solving and the 5 senses.  Stories sometimes have problems that will need to be solved in order to act them out.  These are called “actor problems.”  It is an actor’s job to think through these problems and find possible solutions. This story … Read more