Get Me Out of Here Poem

Get Me Out of Here Poem What’s worse, a yearly check-up or being attacked by every animal in the zoo? For this narrator, it’s clearly the former! This poem paints a vivid picture of many different animal characters, from scurrying mice to menacing grizzly bears. Students in grades 2-7can focus on action/reaction, emotions, problem solving, … Read more

The Story of Rabbit, Elephant, and Whale

The Story of Rabbit, Elephant, and Whale  In this story, the rabbit outsmarts the elephant and the whale, both of which use their physical size against the rabbit.  Students like to act out the different parts in this story as they learn that sometimes being wise can counter physical size.  This story is also designed … Read more

The Well

The Well story This story is designed to be played by a group of 4, but it can be told with any number of students.  In this story, students learn to identify and imitate emotions such as pride, silliness, anger, fear, frustration, joy, and shock.

Pirate’s Treasure Lesson

Pirate’s Treasure Lesson: Practicing Basic Skills  Objective: students demonstrate listening, concentration, movement, and imagination. Students try their best to steal treasure from a pirate. Shoes, erasers, pencils, or other objects become the treasure that the pirate must protect. Concentration is the key to solving the best way to get to the treasure, snatch it, and sneak … Read more

A Donkey Tale

A Donkey Tale story  This is a two character story.  The focus can be on imitative action, action/reaction, conflict, human and animal characterizations, emotions, or the impact of setting on character actions.  It integrates well with multicultural studies, the teaching of Africa, or habitats.

Baby Tar Rabbit

Baby Tar Rabbit story  This story is for small groups of 3-4 and is adapted from Joel Chandler Harris’s Uncle Remus. Participants can enact both animal characters and body objects.  If you tell the story in a slight dialect, the students might be interested in using that dialect in their drama, but it is not … Read more

The First Woodpecker

The First Woodpecker story  This story can be done in partners or groups of various sizes.  Larger groups should be comfortable with body objects and/ or using a narrator.  Use a warm-up discussing ways a fantasy character might cast a spell.  Or, you can use a warm-up focusing on physically transforming from one character to … Read more

The Mindless Woman

The Mindless Woman story This story is such a delight for students because they enjoy the silly nature of the woman’s actions.  The story was originally created for second graders studying China in social studies.  The students can be put into teams of four and given the direction that everyone needs to be in the story … Read more

Sydney and Jojo

Sydney and Jojo story This story was written for third graders in an inner city Chicago Public school.  In the inner city, it is important for brothers and sisters to look after one another because the parents are sometimes absent from their lives–the story works with that narrative.  This drama story targets the concepts and … Read more