The Liars’ Club

The Liars’ Club activity This activity has a smaller group of participants try to fool the larger audience with a personal story.  This practices strategies for good storytelling (i.e. eye contact, vocal variety, etc).

The First Woodpecker

The First Woodpecker story  This story can be done in partners or groups of various sizes.  Larger groups should be comfortable with body objects and/ or using a narrator.  Use a warm-up discussing ways a fantasy character might cast a spell.  Or, you can use a warm-up focusing on physically transforming from one character to … Read more

The Leprechaun and the Box

The Leprechaun and the Box story  This story was written to integrate with St. Patrick’s Day and provide a three character story for dramatization.  Tell the students that all three partners must be in the play at all times and see what they invent.  This story works with the concepts and skills of Believability, Collaboration, Emotions, … Read more

Sydney and Jojo

Sydney and Jojo story This story was written for third graders in an inner city Chicago Public school.  In the inner city, it is important for brothers and sisters to look after one another because the parents are sometimes absent from their lives–the story works with that narrative.  This drama story targets the concepts and … Read more

Introducing the Five Senses Lesson

Introducing the Five Senses Lesson Overview: the students will learn why actors need to know and use all 5 senses. Objectives:  students name the four fine arts; demonstrate the five senses; evaluate self  and praise others. The five senses are key to acting, visualizing literature, and understanding the world.  Often they are only addressed in … Read more