Working with Props II Activity

Working with Props II Activity Following on Working with Props I, participants will work in small groups to create scenes with props. You will need at least one paper bag and three objects for each group. 

Working with Props I Activity

Working with Props I Activity In pairs, students use a prop to inspire a scene. This activity encourages the essential drama skills of planning and practicing. You will need at least one small object per group of students. 

Working with Costumes Activity

Working with Costumes Activity In this fun and adaptable activity, participants use costume pieces to create characters and scenes. You will need a box of costumes to spark your students’ imaginations!

Tug of War Activity

Tug of War Activity This is just like tug of war in real life, but without a rope! Participants will practice action/reaction, concentration, imitation, and collaboration while having a lot of imaginary fun!

Team Juggling Activity

Team Juggling Activity Participants must use concentration, teamwork, and listening to keep a set of balls in the air! You will need at least ten balls, beanbags, or socks. Team Juggling Journal Grade 6  To maximize student achievement, download this drama journal for students to use as reflection or formative assessment. For this activity, we … Read more

Space Chase Activity

Space Chase Activity Following a design on paper, partners create characters in a chase or race. This activity works well when paired with a story that includes a chase, such as “The Tortoise and the Hare.”

The Letter Activity

The Letter Activity This activity focuses on physical reaction as students communicate the contents of a letter. Participants will work on their emotion, believability, and imitation skills. 

The Kite Activity

The Kite Activity Partners use observation and teamwork to imitate the flying of a kite. This activity works well as an introduction to The Dragon Kite story. 

Tableau Activity

Tableau Activity In teams, participants create still pictures that demonstrate aesthetic principles such as level, shape, and gesture. Tableaux can be used effectively in many drama and integrated lessons, so the possibilities are endless! Tableau Journal Grade 6 and Up To maximize student achievement, download this drama journal for students to use as reflection or … Read more

Rumors are Flying Activity

Rumors are Flying Activity Designed for advanced students, this is an adaptation of the classic telephone game. Participants will practice their listening, improvisation, and imitation skills as they move around the room and enact a scene.