Introducing Transformation and Predicting: The Gingerbread Man Lesson

Introducing Transformation and Predicting: The Gingerbread Man Lesson Using the beloved story of The Gingerbread Man students not only learn to transform into characters and imitate the actions of those characters, they also have many opportunities to predict and revise as they enact the story with you and their classmates. Introducing Transformation and Predicting: The … Read more

Community Helpers Lesson

Community Helpers Lesson How can group juggling teach students the importance of community? This lesson provides a fun and effective way to teach students in grades 1-2 about how every individual plays a crucial role in their community. Starting with a game of “Team Juggling,” this lesson will also guide you and your class through … Read more

American Pioneers Lesson

American Pioneers Lesson Teaching all the complexities of westward expansion to students in grades 4-6 may seem overwhelming at first. However, in this lesson, students have the chance to apply what they have learned in social studies into creating a drama that explores the economic and geographic factors that affected Americans from 1800-1861, causing many … Read more

Rooster’s Off to Save the World Lesson

Rooster’s Off to Save the World Lesson At first glance, math and drama skills may seem like an unlikely pairing. However, in this playful lesson for grades K-2, students can practice addition and subtraction while honing their movement and animal transformation skills. Based on the beloved book by Eric Carle, this integrated lesson helps students … Read more

Henry’s Magic Hat – FREE Version

Henry’s Magic Hat What are the essential building blocks of every story?  In this lesson, you will have the chance to lead students through a simple yet engaging tale about a child and his mysterious magic hat. This story is a wonderful way to teach students in grades K-2 about important story elements such as … Read more

The Box Poem

The Box Poem Grasshoppers, beetles, and black slugs, oh my! This playful poem tells the story of a child who fills their favorite box with everything from bugs to buttons. Students in grades 2-5 can use this poem to practice imitation, emotions, and body object skills. You may also choose to integrate Language Arts learning … Read more

Does Anybody Have a Stamp? Poem

Does Anybody Have a Stamp? Poem Why is it that we never get fun mail anymore? In this hilarious poem, all the narrator wants is to finally receive a real letter instead of junk mail – but the mailman has other ideas. This poem provides a great opportunity for students in grades 3-6 to practice … Read more

The Actor’s Nightmare! Poem

The Actor’s Nightmare! Poem We’ve all woken up from this kind of dream… you’re on stage, you’re in costume, the lights go up, and everything goes wrong! This exciting and mildly terrifying poem details a school play gone wrong. Humorous and filled with vivid characters, this poem provides a great opportunity for students in grades … Read more

Charlene Poem

Charlene Poem This bully picked on the wrong kid! In this whimsical poem, the narrator reduces their classroom bully to a single ear. Students in grades 2-5 may use this poem to practice Action/Reaction, Problem-Solving and Transformation skills. Additionally, you may choose to integrate Character Education with a discussion of Anti-Bullying strategies. We have also … Read more

Paper Bag Charades

Paper Bag Charades Lesson Improv can be intimidating at first, so it’s important to give students support tools and structure as they’re learning it! In this lesson, challenge students to use three mystery props as they work together to create an exciting group drama. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to practice collaboration, utilizing … Read more