Thanksgiving Lesson

Thanksgiving Lesson If you enjoyed our Halloween lesson, this is another great way to bring a seasonal theme into the classroom! Designed for students in grades 3-12, this lesson guides students through devising their own Thanksgiving-related story while working on collaboration, imitation and planning and practicing skills. You can also integrate Language Arts learning through … Read more

Perhaps Today Poem

Perhaps Today Poem Pirates or pilots? Pancakes or plunder? This adventurous poem tells the story of a restless and imaginative child deciding how to spend a completely free day. This piece is a perfect way for students in grades 2-6 to practice imitation, setting, body objects, and playwriting skills. You may also choose to integrate … Read more

Two Character Dialogue Lesson

Two Character Dialogue Lesson Are your students ready to create their own scenes? Building upon our One Person Monologue Lesson, this lesson guides students through collaborating with their peers to create their own original dialogues. Students can continue to work on playwriting, directing and performance skills, while learning how to give constructive feedback to their … Read more

One Person Monologue Lesson

One Person Monologue Lesson Give students the opportunity to write, act and direct, all in one lesson! Ideal for sixth through eighth graders with prior drama experience, this lesson guides students through creating, directing, and performing an original monologue in groups of three. Students can hone their collaboration skills, drama tools and practice giving constructive … Read more

Planning and Practicing: The School Crisis

Planning and Practicing: The School Crisis Lesson How can we get students hungry for more planning and practicing? Let them see what it’s like when they can’t plan or practice at all! In this lesson for grades 5-8, students can practice collaboration, cooperation, and Conflict/Resolution skills by improvising and then devising a drama of what … Read more

Planning and Practicing: The Tightrope

Planning and Practicing: The Tightrope Lesson Are your students planning and practicing pros yet? This lesson is a great way to encourage students in grades 6-8 to be more thorough in their planning and practicing process and hone their collaboration and cooperation skills.  This builds upon other planning and practicing lessons by including a special … Read more

Payback Poem

Payback Poem This older brother should have thought twice before picking on his younger sibling! This dynamic poem has many exciting moments for students to act out, including a magic spell and a dramatic animal transformation. Students in grades 2-6 can practice action/reaction, adding detail, and transformation skills. We have also included some recommended step-by-step … Read more

Lizard Poem

Lizard Poem A lizard causes chaos in the classroom in this quick poem! Students in grades 2-7 can practice transformation and playwriting skills. In addition, you may play a fun tag game inspired by this poem that students will love! We have included some recommended step-by-step delivery ideas to help you turn the poem into … Read more

Frog Poem

Frog Poem Is the frog a prince, or just an ordinary croaker? This clever poem references the story of The Frog Prince. There are so many ways for this story to end, and students might try their hand at playing out the different scenarios! Students in grades 2-5 can tackle transformation and playwriting, and there … Read more

Food Poem

Food Poem Is the narrator a picky eater, or are they being served green mold on a silver platter? This poem tells the hilarious tale of the trials and tribulations of mealtime. Students in grades 1-7 can practice playwriting skills, dialogue, transformation, and/or using the five senses. Language Arts can be integrated by introducing inferred … Read more