Emotion Scene Activity

Emotion Scene Activity This challenging activity is designed for small groups with a focus on collaboration, imitation and emotion.  This activity can be used as a practice for many skills sets (although not all at once!) due to its dynamic nature.  The participants play out successive emotions in a scene while imitating action and activities. … Read more

Character Observation Walk

Character Observation Walk This activity is designed for older participants.  Using observation skills, actors study a stranger’s walk and movements and then try to recreate that character in a drama.  This activity can be used to develop a large variety of skills.

Change an Item Activity

Change an Item Activity Just how observant are you?  Find out how well your participants do with this simple activity which can also be used as an ice-breaker.  In partners, participants improve their observation skills by noticing what others have changed about their appearance.

Blind Walk Activity

Blind Walk Activity This partner activity requires blindfolds for half the class.  Listening and teamwork are stressed as participants work with partners.

Animal Observation Activity

Animal Observation Activity This activity works best with a trip to the zoo.  Actors observe animals in detail and create characters based on their observation.

Body Reactions II Activity

Body Reactions II Activity If your students are ready or excited to move into more story building – ease them in with this activity called Body Reactions II which is a follow-up to Level I. Building on the first one, this activity introduces everyday objects (suggestions included) and has students moving and pantomiming with no … Read more

Body Reactions I Activity

Body Reactions I Activity If your students are ready or excited to move into more story building – ease them in with this activity called Body Reactions which has a Level I and Level II. This activity has all students moving and pantomiming simultaneously with no voice. Use key moments from stories, social studies, or … Read more

Advanced Patty Cake

Advanced Patty Cake activity  In this activity, the participants work in pairs or small groups on a complex sequence of patty cake that gets reflected back for their partner.

Antonyms in Motion

Antonyms in Motion activity  This activity requires a list of antonyms.  Participants work in pairs demonstrating the words.

The Sacred Scarab Lesson – Review & Assess

The Sacred Scarab Lesson: Review & Assess  Overview: the students review how all the tools and skills they learned fit together to create a drama.  Objectives:  students demonstrate memorization skills; demonstrate interpersonal and collaborative skills; define story elements.  Reviewing skills previously learned are at the heart of this summative lesson: acting out a story with human characters, … Read more