Writing Story, Transformation, Imitation: Humpty Dumpty Lesson

Writing Story, Transformation, Imitation: Humpty Dumpty Lesson Building off the classic tale of “Humpty Dumpty,” this lesson allows students in grades K-2 to use their imaginations to put their own spin on the story. Starting out with warm-up activity to help students practice transformation and imitation skills, this lesson culminates in students working together as a … Read more

Creating Mood

Creating Mood Lesson Creating mood effectively is one of the most important lessons young actors can learn. In this lesson, students can practice using their imagination and concentration skills to create mood for a variety of different scenarios. This lesson gives students a chance to hone their ability to imagine their given circumstances, while using … Read more

Liars Club Lesson

Liars Club Lesson How do actors bring truth to every performance they do, even if it’s outside their own experience? In this lesson, students in grades 6-8 will have the chance to practice telling each other true stories that happened in their lives, and then telling each other’s stories to the class as if they … Read more

Team Juggling Activity

Team Juggling Activity Participants must use concentration, teamwork, and listening to keep a set of balls in the air! You will need at least ten balls, beanbags, or socks. Team Juggling Journal Grade 6  To maximize student achievement, download this drama journal for students to use as reflection or formative assessment. For this activity, we … Read more

Partner Pantomime Activity

Partner Pantomime Activity Pantomime requires actors to tell a story without using props or voice. In this activity, partners work together to pantomime an action. Participants will work on movement, communication, and collaboration skills. No materials are required.

Obstacle Course Activity

Obstacle Course Activity This obstacle course is an imagination workout! Participants will plan, practice, and present how to move through an imagined path while avoiding traps and terrors. No materials are required. 

Music Mime II Activity

Music Mime II Activity Following on the Music Mime I Activity, participants now work in small groups to create scenes based on a given piece of music and an assigned environment. This is an opportunity to strengthen teamwork skills while exploring the connections between music and drama. You will need a speaker to play the … Read more

Music Mime I Activity

Music Mime I Activity Music can be a powerful way to tell stories. In this activity, students will connect music and drama by creating short scenes based on what they hear. The lesson offers variations for different age and ability levels. You will need a speaker to play music for your class. Consider pairing this … Read more

Word List Activity

Word List Activity Word List is an activity for later elementary, middle, and upper grades that stresses memory, recall, and word association skills.  Participants do not have to interact with each other as the focus is on listening and connecting what they hear to other actors and to what comes before in a word sequence.  … Read more

I Remember When Activity

I Remember When I Felt Like This Activity Your participants work in groups for this teamwork-based activity.  These teams create stories based on real, emotional events from participants’ lives.  When using personal stories, remember our tips on setting up a safe drama classroom and managing misbehavior.