The Zookeeper Solves a Problem

The Zookeeper Solves a Problem story Participants, working in groups of four or five, plan and play out this story incorporating sound and dance.  Have them use their voices, musical instruments, or found objects to create the sounds.

Alfredo and the Sea

Alfredo and the Sea story  This story has a focus around dreams and can be used for working with concentration.  Participants can either work with partners and play the story as you narrate or have them plan and practice their presentation.  Review or introduce working with a partner using the Partner Work Lesson as a … Read more

The Leprechaun and the Box

The Leprechaun and the Box story  This story was written to integrate with St. Patrick’s Day and provide a three character story for dramatization.  Tell the students that all three partners must be in the play at all times and see what they invent.  This story works with the concepts and skills of Believability, Collaboration, Emotions, … Read more