Pencil Sharpener

Pencil Sharpener activity  In this activity, all participants are in a circle and they signal each other using their “sign.”  This activity does not require any other materials.

Words in Motion

Words in Motion activity  This activity uses selected vocabulary words that each participant uses cooperatively, but sequentially in action.  This works with smaller groups or the whole group.

Class Sculpture

Class Sculpture (PDF)  This activity is designed to encourage cooperation and collaboration.  It requires no additional materials.

Articulating Pantomime

Articulating Pantomime activity This activity introduces pantomime as a skill and works in conjunction with voice development.  Participants will develop diction and articulation in the vocal realm along with gestures and movement to develop the body (part of the actor’s tools).  This activity uses the included poem “The Lord Chancellor’s Nightmare” as the reading & acting … Read more