The Letter Activity

The Letter Activity This activity focuses on physical reaction as students communicate the contents of a letter. Participants will work on their emotion, believability, and imitation skills. 

Tableau Activity

Tableau Activity In teams, participants create still pictures that demonstrate aesthetic principles such as level, shape, and gesture. Tableaux can be used effectively in many drama and integrated lessons, so the possibilities are endless! Tableau Journal Grade 6 and Up To maximize student achievement, download this drama journal for students to use as reflection or … Read more

Phrase Charades Activity

Phrase Charades Activity In this version of charades, participants enact nonsense phrases for teammates to guess. It is a fun way for students to build communication, gesture, and observation skills! The activity requires prewritten phrases on index cards.  This activity follows the Basic Charades activity which should be downloaded as well.

Phone Booth Activity

Phone Booth Activity Each participant uses a phone booth to make an important call – but the scenes are completely silent! Participants practice imitation and character building skills in this entertaining activity.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Activity

Peanut Butter and Jelly Activity This is a fun activity to encourage collaboration, observation, and imitation skills. The class enacts the various facets of a word while one participant attempts to guess the word. This activity has also been adapted into a full Peanut Butter and Jelly Lesson for kindergarten and first grade. 

Partner Pantomime Activity

Partner Pantomime Activity Pantomime requires actors to tell a story without using props or voice. In this activity, partners work together to pantomime an action. Participants will work on movement, communication, and collaboration skills. No materials are required.

Pantomimes Activity

Pantomimes Activity If your students have mastered imitation, they may be ready to try pantomime! With pantomime, there are no props or sounds; participants must tell a story using only the body. In this activity, pantomime is introduced with various prompts. No materials are required.

Music Mime II Activity

Music Mime II Activity Following on the Music Mime I Activity, participants now work in small groups to create scenes based on a given piece of music and an assigned environment. This is an opportunity to strengthen teamwork skills while exploring the connections between music and drama. You will need a speaker to play the … Read more

Music Mime I Activity

Music Mime I Activity Music can be a powerful way to tell stories. In this activity, students will connect music and drama by creating short scenes based on what they hear. The lesson offers variations for different age and ability levels. You will need a speaker to play music for your class. Consider pairing this … Read more

Molding Space & Objects Activity

Molding Space & Objects Activity Participants work individually using their imagination to create objects in space.  This activity can also be used to integrate the Body, Gestures or Transformation.  Participants can integrate physical activity to the image they create.