The Journey

The Journey activity  In this activity, the kids take a guided journey through different settings.  The settings can be related to some of your current teaching topics.  It may be useful to begin with a locomotor, controlling personal space, warmup activity.

The Freeze Drama Activity

the freeze drama activity

The Freeze – a Drama activity Overview: this important activity sets a classroom management signal useful in future lessons. Members can use this FREE activity to introduce and practice foundational drama skills and routines.  This is also an important activity as it sets a classroom management signal.  This signal should be established early in the … Read more

Help and Hinder Activity

Help and Hinder Activity This activity is related to “Action and Dialogue” activity along with “Changing Action and Dialogue” for dealing with Language Arts and imagination.  This activity adds conflict as a new skill.  In scene work, participants learn to create conflict and moments of harmony.