Metamorphosis Poem

Metamorphosis Poem What happens when a mischievous child messes with the wrong witch? This poem tells the cautionary tale of a troublemaker who can’t seem to follow directions, with vivid imagery and a shocking ending! Students in grades 1-5 can practice action/reaction, problem solving, and transformation skills. We have also included some recommended step-by-step delivery … Read more

Zip Zap Zop Activity

Zip Zap Zop Activity In this classic drama game, participants send energy around the circle while working on concentration, listening, and teamwork. Challenge your students to see how fast they can get!

Tangled Arms II Activity

Tangled Arms II Activity Building on Tangled Arms I, a group of participants entangle their arms while a fellow participant must untangle them. This version of the activity encourages listening and leadership. 

Statues Alive Activity

Statues Alive Activity Participants start as statues, but soon they begin to come to life! As the leader guides this transformation, students will practice their concentration and imagination skills. 

Statue Redesign Activity

Statue Redesign Activity Building on Statue Maker, participants are able to change and alter details of fellow participants’ statues. This activity is also part of a full Statue Redesign lesson that is designed for language arts integration. 

Statue Maker Activity

Statue Maker Activity In partners, participants use imagination and concentration to make and become statues. This activity is also part of a full lesson on Concentration and Partner Work. 

Rhinoceros Activity

Rhinoceros Activity In this tricky activity, participants use concentration to pass objects around a circle. Two small objects are needed.

Rabbit, Elephant, Duck, or Horse Activity

Rabbit, Elephant, Duck, or Horse Activity In this fast-paced and competitive warm up game, participants quickly create animals with their bodies. This activity can also be integrated with language arts by using characters or images from a book!

Stick Foot to Floor Activity

Stick Foot to Floor Activity This activity is designed to teach concentration and body awareness skills. Participants imitate nailing or gluing their feet to the floor and experiment with movement in all directions.

Poison Activity

Poison Activity Participants learn spatial awareness as they walk across the room without touching each other. This activity is especially designed for younger elementary students. You will need tape or string to mark off a square in your classroom.