Flossie and the Fox Lesson

Flossie and the Fox Lesson Help students hone their storytelling skills with this clever and delightful tale! With this lesson, students in grades 3-4 can practice using their primary drama tools – mind, body and voice- while learning how to use additional support tools such as props, lighting or sound effects. This exciting story provides … Read more

Blackout: Creating Atmosphere Lesson

Blackout: Creating Atmosphere Lesson Centered around the Caldecott Honor Book “Blackout” by John Rocco, this lesson provides rich opportunities for actors to practice using their voices and bodies to create atmosphere. Students in grades 4-6 may work together in pairs or small groups, practicing negotiation and collaboration skills as they imitate the activities of the … Read more

Adverbs in Motion Lesson

Adverbs in Motion Lesson Learning parts of speech does not need to be boring.  In this Level I lesson, students explore action verbs, adverbs, and even direct objects as they also learn the relationship between audience and actor and how and why actors must improve their acting skills to communicate ideas.

Baking a Cake Lesson

Baking a Cake Lesson What’s more fun than baking a cake? You can skip the mess and use this lesson instead! By acting out the steps it takes to bake a cake, students can practice creating complex physical settings with one another. Students may practice collaboration, imitation, creating body objects and problem solving. There is … Read more

Animals and Their Homes Lesson

Animals and Their Homes Lesson What are the parallels between the ways we work together in drama and how parts of a habitat work together to sustain animal life? In this lesson, students in grades 3-5 can work together to create animal statues, and eventually create full habitats with only their bodies.  Students will have … Read more

The Nutcracker 2: Mouse and Toy Soldier Fight Lesson

The Nutcracker 2: Mouse and Toy Soldier Fight Lesson Capture students’ imaginations with this climactic battle scene! Designed for grades 3-6, this lesson provides an engaging way for students to learn about physical choices, collaboration, and conflict through creating a pantomime of the battle from The Nutcracker. You can also use this as an opportunity … Read more

The Nutcracker 1: Brother and Sister Quarrel Lesson

The Nutcracker 1: Brother and Sister Quarrel Lesson Any student with siblings will have plenty of experience to draw on for this lesson! Based on the imaginative story of the Nutcracker, this lesson asks students to work in partners, creating a silent drama about a sibling quarrel. Emphasizing the drama tool of the body, this … Read more

Making the Thundercake Lesson

Making the Thundercake Lesson A roll of thunder. A pitter pat of rain. A creaky old door. What connects all these things? They are sound effects that evoke a mysterious, scary mood! Based on the book Thundercake by Patricia Polacco, this lesson is designed to teach students in grades 3-5 how to create mood using … Read more

Civil War Drama Lesson

Civil War Drama Lesson Drama is a great way to engage students with historical events by encouraging them to think deeply about point of view. In this lesson, designed for grades 4-8, students will practice concentration, collaboration, and transformation while using Body Objects to communicate different settings. This lesson encourages students to think about point … Read more

Sound Catch: Advanced #2 Activity

Sound Catch: Advanced #2 Activity Building on Sound Catch and Sound Catch: Advanced #1, participants add gestures and facial expressions to their sounds as they continue to deepen their characterizations.