The Emotion Closet

The Emotion Closet Lesson Overview: the goal of this lesson is to understand how actions and emotions are related. A person’s actions are tied to their emotions and this lesson is designed to explore that relationship.  The students act out basic emotions to different situations using the actor tools of mind, body and voice.  This … Read more

Emotion Stories

Medgar Evers school and emotion stories lesson

Emotion Stories Lesson Overview: your students will learn what makes people feel the way they do. We provide a list of emotions (or create your own) and the students learn how movement in drama can be used to communicate emotion.  This lesson is the second in our character education and peaceful problem solving series.

It’s Okay to Feel Lesson

Okay to Feel Lesson

It’s Okay to Feel lesson Overview: this lesson works with emotions and how they affect us as individuals. This lesson is a good introduction to our character education and peaceful problem solving series.  This has been adapted from the anti-bullying workshops produced on behalf of the Kennedy Center.  This lesson includes the story “Duncan, the Dragon” (because … Read more

The Haunted House story

The Haunted House story  This story can be used with the Body Objects Lesson.  The students work in groups and part of the activity is to identify different emotions from the story.

Noiseless Sounds

Noiseless Sounds activity  This activity focuses on working with the body aspect of drama skills (body, mind, voice).  This activity does not require any other materials.

Pass the Face

Pass the Face activity This game is similar to the telephone game and is good for focusing on imitation and communication.  It requires no additional materials.

The Leprechaun and the Box

The Leprechaun and the Box story  This story was written to integrate with St. Patrick’s Day and provide a three character story for dramatization.  Tell the students that all three partners must be in the play at all times and see what they invent.  This story works with the concepts and skills of Believability, Collaboration, Emotions, … Read more