The Chase Lesson

The Chase Lesson Looking for an exciting way to teach students about personal space and self-esteem? This lesson is a great way to help students practice self-control, imitation, and concentration skills, while keeping them active! Progressing from independent movement work to full group collaboration, the Chase provides a thorough yet fun introduction to these topics. 

Park Bench

Park Bench Lesson Middle school can be a really hard time for students to feel connected to their bodies, but embodying physical choices is a key part of being an actor! We devised this lesson to give students in grades 6-8 a fun opportunity to practice using their bodies to portray emotions, reactions and create … Read more

Elevator Lesson

Elevator Lesson How do actors create realistic characters? How do we create believable, specific dramas? In this lesson, students in grades 6-8 can practice imitation, character transformation and collaboration by developing distinct and detailed characters and character relationships within a small group. The twist? Their scenes must take place in an elevator! The flexibility and … Read more

The Well

The Well story This story is designed to be played by a group of 4, but it can be told with any number of students.  In this story, students learn to identify and imitate emotions such as pride, silliness, anger, fear, frustration, joy, and shock.

The Vision Quest

The Vision Quest story Brave Shadow heads on a vision quest to find is courage.  Little does he know it is in his heart.  This story is perfect in the body objects lesson and introduces students to life as a young Native American on the North American continent.