Civil War Drama Lesson

Civil War Drama Lesson Drama is a great way to engage students with historical events by encouraging them to think deeply about point of view. In this lesson, designed for grades 4-8, students will practice concentration, collaboration, and transformation while using Body Objects to communicate different settings. This lesson encourages students to think about point … Read more

How the World Was Formed on Turtle’s Back Lesson

How the World Was Formed on Turtle’s Back Lesson “How the World Was Formed on Turtle’s Back” is an Onondaga creation story that features a team of vibrant animal characters who work together to save a young woman’s life and create the world as we know it. This lesson provides numerous opportunities for students to … Read more

An Absolutely Gorgeous Day Poem

An Absolutely Gorgeous Day Poem Students will love this globe-trotting poem, packed with action and humor! The narrator wants to run away but can’t decide where to go: Tokyo or the Midwest? Timbuktu or the Florida Keys? In this exciting adventure for grades 2-6, students could practice transformation, narrator skills, body objects, and settings. Additionally, … Read more

Journey to Another Culture Lesson

Journey to Another Culture Lesson Objective: Students analyze the relationships between actors, directors, and stories. In this 6-day unit, students take a deep dive into studying one specific culture or place. After an introduction into the concept of culture, students research a chosen culture and plan a trip to visit it. Students then go on … Read more

Yo! Yes? Lesson

Yo! Yes? Lesson

Yo! Yes? Lesson: Communicating Ideas Objective: students identify and communicate author’s message. Looking at the book Yo! Yes? by Chris Raschka, students gather context clues about the story of two strangers who meet from different backgrounds. Students draw inferences from the illustrations and the text to determine what the author is trying to say at any … Read more

Drama in Other Places Lesson

Drama in Other Places Lesson

Drama in Other Places Lesson Lesson Worksheet for Teachers & Students Objective: students identify elements of drama used in celebrations or events that are not formal plays. Students choose an event where they might see elements of drama being used, even if it is not a formal play by actors on a stage. In small … Read more

The Dragon Kite

The Dragon Kite story  Use this story to discuss cooperation, friendship, and making choices as they relate to the story and real life situations.  This story works well with the Kite Activity.

The Legend of Big Skunk

The Legend of Big Skunk story  This Native American folktale can be adapted to many subjects.  This story can be enacted as a two character partner story or used as an alternate story with the Hare & Tortoise Lesson.

The Vision Quest

The Vision Quest story Brave Shadow heads on a vision quest to find is courage.  Little does he know it is in his heart.  This story is perfect in the body objects lesson and introduces students to life as a young Native American on the North American continent.