Alfredo and the Sea

Alfredo and the Sea story  This story has a focus around dreams and can be used for working with concentration.  Participants can either work with partners and play the story as you narrate or have them plan and practice their presentation.  Review or introduce working with a partner using the Partner Work Lesson as a … Read more

The Sleeping Lion

The Sleeping Lion story This story is for a group of four.  Do a warm-up teaching “sounds.”   This story can be used to stress the importance of sound in a drama–kids will enjoy personifying the creatures of the jungle.  Some groups can make sounds with voices only, some with musical instruments only, some with … Read more

The Leprechaun and the Box

The Leprechaun and the Box story  This story was written to integrate with St. Patrick’s Day and provide a three character story for dramatization.  Tell the students that all three partners must be in the play at all times and see what they invent.  This story works with the concepts and skills of Believability, Collaboration, Emotions, … Read more

The Sacred Scarab Root

The Sacred Scarab Root story This original story was written specifically for use in drama focusing on the concepts of Balance, Imagination, Cultural/Multicultural, Narrator/Storytelling, Repetition, Story Elements: Character, Conflict, Plot, Setting, Theme/Idea, and Transformation: Human Characters. It can also be used in the Body Objects Lesson if you are just getting started with drama.  A little background … Read more

Help and Hinder Activity

Help and Hinder Activity This activity is related to “Action and Dialogue” activity along with “Changing Action and Dialogue” for dealing with Language Arts and imagination.  This activity adds conflict as a new skill.  In scene work, participants learn to create conflict and moments of harmony.

Pass The Story

​Pass The Story activity This activity has participants working as a group and requires various stories, poetry or text.  Example stories are provided, but feel free to adapt your own.