Liars Club Lesson

Liars Club Lesson How do actors bring truth to every performance they do, even if it’s outside their own experience? In this lesson, students in grades 6-8 will have the chance to practice telling each other true stories that happened in their lives, and then telling each other’s stories to the class as if they … Read more

“Who Am I?” Charades Activity

“Who Am I?” Charades Activity In this advanced charades activity, participants use voice and action to communicate a character and situation. You will need index cards to display the silly scenarios. Some ideas are included in the activity description! 

Tug of War Activity

Tug of War Activity This is just like tug of war in real life, but without a rope! Participants will practice action/reaction, concentration, imitation, and collaboration while having a lot of imaginary fun!

Sound Catch: Advanced #2 Activity

Sound Catch: Advanced #2 Activity Building on Sound Catch and Sound Catch: Advanced #1, participants add gestures and facial expressions to their sounds as they continue to deepen their characterizations.

Sound Catch: Advanced #1 Activity

Sound Catch: Advanced #1 Activity Building on Sound Catch, participants transform sounds into conversation as they role play characters. They will explore how voice can reveal emotion and subtext.   Then you can move on to Sound Catch Advanced activity #2.

Truth on Stage Activity

Truth on Stage Activity This activity is designed to introduce believable action. Groups of participants observe each other and discuss how believability and concentration affect a scene.

Transform with a Chair Activity

Transform with a Chair Activity This exercise is designed for beginning students. Participants learn how to transform into characters. The activity includes suggestions for characters to try!

Transform the Chair Activity

Transform the Chair Activity This imagination-building activity asks participants to transform their physicality as they imagine different environments. The activity includes ideas for places to try! Each student will need a chair.

The Line Up Activity

The Line Up Activity This is an action-reaction activity that also requires listening, observation, and imagination. Participants will enjoy having the chance to both initiate and respond to physical actions.

The Letter Activity

The Letter Activity This activity focuses on physical reaction as students communicate the contents of a letter. Participants will work on their emotion, believability, and imitation skills.