Park Bench

Park Bench Lesson Middle school can be a really hard time for students to feel connected to their bodies, but embodying physical choices is a key part of being an actor! We devised this lesson to give students in grades 6-8 a fun opportunity to practice using their bodies to portray emotions, reactions and create … Read more

Payback Poem

Payback Poem This older brother should have thought twice before picking on his younger sibling! This dynamic poem has many exciting moments for students to act out, including a magic spell and a dramatic animal transformation. Students in grades 2-6 can practice action/reaction, adding detail, and transformation skills. We have also included some recommended step-by-step … Read more

Metamorphosis Poem

Metamorphosis Poem What happens when a mischievous child messes with the wrong witch? This poem tells the cautionary tale of a troublemaker who can’t seem to follow directions, with vivid imagery and a shocking ending! Students in grades 1-5 can practice action/reaction, problem solving, and transformation skills. We have also included some recommended step-by-step delivery … Read more

Get Me Out of Here Poem

Get Me Out of Here Poem What’s worse, a yearly check-up or being attacked by every animal in the zoo? For this narrator, it’s clearly the former! This poem paints a vivid picture of many different animal characters, from scurrying mice to menacing grizzly bears. Students in grades 2-7can focus on action/reaction, emotions, problem solving, … Read more

Bubble Bath Poem

Bubble Bath Poem What’s more fun than a bubble bath? This simple poem captures the joy of bubbles and laughter! Students in grades 1-4 can practice action-reaction skills and review collaboration, concentration, and/or imitation. Additionally, students can learn Language Arts skills by identifying cause and effect elements in the piece. We have also included some … Read more

Bath Poem

Bath Poem “Splash Splash Splash Splash!” When a younger sister splashes her sibling in the eye during bath time, she pays the ultimate price. Students in grades 1-3 will have a blast with this hysterical poem. They have the opportunity to practice imitative action, emotions, and narrator skills, and they can hone their ability to … Read more

Band-Aids Poem

Band-Aids Poem  What if every band-aid were a badge of honor? This heartfelt poem for grades 3-6 tells the story of an accident-prone child who comes to view boo-boos as stories of bravery. Students can practice action/reaction, body objects, problem solving, and/or narrator skills. We have also included some recommended step-by-step delivery ideas to help … Read more

A Shark’s Tale Poem

A Shark’s Tale Poem Have you ever met a shark so charming and sincere? Great for grades 3-7, this suspenseful poem tells the tale of a cunning shark who tricks an unsuspecting swimmer. Students will have opportunities to practice emotions, transformation, narrator skills, and conflict/resolution. We have also included some recommended step-by-step delivery ideas to … Read more

Zip Zap Zop Activity

Zip Zap Zop Activity In this classic drama game, participants send energy around the circle while working on concentration, listening, and teamwork. Challenge your students to see how fast they can get!

Tug of War Activity

Tug of War Activity This is just like tug of war in real life, but without a rope! Participants will practice action/reaction, concentration, imitation, and collaboration while having a lot of imaginary fun!