Thanksgiving Lesson

Thanksgiving Lesson If you enjoyed our Halloween lesson, this is another great way to bring a seasonal theme into the classroom! Designed for students in grades 3-12, this lesson guides students through devising their own Thanksgiving-related story while working on collaboration, imitation and planning and practicing skills. You can also integrate Language Arts learning through … Read more

Donkey Tale 2: Adding Dialogue Lesson

Donkey Tale 2: Adding Dialogue Lesson Challenge your students to take their story dramas to the next level by adding dialogue. Building off our first Donkey Tale Lesson, this extended lesson asks students to plan and practice their own versions of the story, this time adding a moment of dialogue that reveals something about their … Read more

Does Anybody Have a Stamp? Poem

Does Anybody Have a Stamp? Poem Why is it that we never get fun mail anymore? In this hilarious poem, all the narrator wants is to finally receive a real letter instead of junk mail – but the mailman has other ideas. This poem provides a great opportunity for students in grades 3-6 to practice … Read more

Return to Sender! Poem

Return to Sender! Poem Have you ever been tempted to try and mail yourself all the way to grandma’s house? In this entertaining and goofy poem, a kid does exactly that… with mixed results! This poem provides a perfect opportunity for students in grades 1-5 to practice imitation, emotions, and Action/Reaction skills. You may also … Read more

Life Isn’t Fair Poem

Life Isn’t Fair Poem Life isn’t fair – one the hardest lessons to learn for children and grown-ups alike! In this poem, the speaker narrates a series of minor household catastrophes that result in them receiving an unjust timeout. This piece provides a great opportunity for students in grades 2-4 to practice imitation, emotion, and … Read more

Charlene Poem

Charlene Poem This bully picked on the wrong kid! In this whimsical poem, the narrator reduces their classroom bully to a single ear. Students in grades 2-5 may use this poem to practice Action/Reaction, Problem-Solving and Transformation skills. Additionally, you may choose to integrate Character Education with a discussion of Anti-Bullying strategies. We have also … Read more

Two Character Dialogue Lesson

Two Character Dialogue Lesson Are your students ready to create their own scenes? Building upon our One Person Monologue Lesson, this lesson guides students through collaborating with their peers to create their own original dialogues. Students can continue to work on playwriting, directing and performance skills, while learning how to give constructive feedback to their … Read more

Señor Coyote Acts as a Judge

Señor Coyote Acts as a Judge What better way to teach action-reaction than a story packed with mischievous animal characters, including a clever coyote, a sneaky snake, and a righteous rabbit? In this lesson, students in grades 3-8 can practice collaboration, imitation, transformation, and action-reaction skills. By presenting their dramas, students can get hands-on experience … Read more

Paper Bag Charades

Paper Bag Charades Lesson Improv can be intimidating at first, so it’s important to give students support tools and structure as they’re learning it! In this lesson, challenge students to use three mystery props as they work together to create an exciting group drama. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to practice collaboration, utilizing … Read more