Process Drama Workshop with Pam Bowell on 14th January, 2023

OneStopDRAMAShop and Creative Directions are excited to welcome Pam Bowell as a presenter for a virtual one day working session on Saturday, January 14th on Process Drama.  Overwhelmingly, our summer conference attendees asked for “More Pam, please.”  So here she comes all the way from Buckinghamshire in England – to share her immense knowledge with us via Zoom.

Pam is the co-author of two books on Process Drama with her friend and colleague, Brian Heap, called:  Planning Process Drama:  Enriching Teaching and Learning,


and Putting Process Drama into Action:  The Dynamics of Practice… both available from online booksellers…but nothing beats hearing it firsthand from one of the authors. 

I have participated in many workshops with Pam over the years, and it is always a joy to be in her presence and learn from her significant strategies and techniques in integrating curriculum.

Process Drama is rarely done in America because we are often too busy creating the year end production-- rehearsing, making costumes, and painting set pieces.  But what if we could harness this powerful tool and pass it on to classroom teachers so that drama might be integrated in the teaching of social/emotional learning, social studies, language arts, and science? What if we made drama indispensable?  What is wonderful about Process Drama is that it works from Pre-K-to high school and beyond.

Pam will be taking us on a journey into teacher-in-role, questioning techniques, planning the dramatic event, selecting the material, and guiding the implementation.  Participants will get to play in role with Pam, ask questions, and take away materials to read and use in their own planning.

Pam has been a secondary school drama teacher, a drama advisory teacher, university professor in teacher education, a world renowned speaker and presenter of everything drama, and an author leading the way in the Process Drama field.

Join us for an amazing day with Pam.  I’ll be there.  Hope I get to see you too.