Excitement is in the Air!

If it has been a while since you have visited OneStopDRAMAShop.com, there are some exciting new changes I would love to share with you.

First Ron, Adam, and I have been joined by two new folks who are assisting in getting material together to share with you. We welcome Samantha Webster and Danielle Kerr to the team, and they are incredible supports to the work we are doing here.

So, we have been doing… a lot!  You may have met them as part of our inaugural Spice It Up! Conference.

I am so excited about our new poetry collection and accompanying lesson plan/activity ideas:

Poetry and Drama: Combining Art Forms

As an alternative to stories, we now offer an original collection of poems. This colorful and humorous collection includes topics that vary from animal adventures to anti-bullying to the frustrations of family.

These poems provide rich opportunities for students to practice skills like imitation, collaboration, and transformation while continuing to hone their body, mind, and voice. Throughout, there is an emphasis on narrative skills and reader’s theater techniques.

Our collection also provides opportunities for you as the instructor to integrate additional academic subjects, including Language Arts, Social Sciences and Character Education. We have poems tailored to each grade level from K-7, as well as customized journal pages to help your students reflect on and solidify what they learned in drama.

In addition, these poems were created so that you can teach Reader’s Theater, choral reading, and—my personal favorite—the 10 different ways to teach the narrative device: the narrator. Select your favorites for academic and drama study and have some fun with the learning with these often amusing poems.



I am also excited about our new collection of integrated lessons that will soon be going onto the website thanks to Samantha!

We have lessons addressing the American Revolution, The Pioneer Movement, The Human Body, Ecosystems, Langston Hughes and the Great Migration, the impact of setting on Little Red Riding Hood, as well as integrated lessons addressing writing skills. And these aren’t all…there are just too many to mention and there are many more to come!



Danielle is also busy pulling together video snippets of classroom techniques you find throughout our lessons. These short video segments will demonstrate drama in action in classrooms. Hopefully you will find these to be informative and fun. Also, we hope you have techniques to share and that you will send us your short videos, which will help all of us build safe and productive classrooms that include drama.